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FKA 5 & A Dime, Gregory Kantor unveils his new project: Kantor. Inspired by a passion for video game evolution crossed against natural energy, Kantor encapsulates a dark and moody yet powerful and emotional energy defined by a mode of "neoretrofuturism." With a unique live performance inspired by Dance Dance revolution, Kantor continues to push the needle forward in electronic music.



Spirit Motel is a San Diego born, Brooklyn based creator. Drawing inspiration from artists like Beck, Flume, MGMT, and Porter Robinson, he crafts personal stories of emotional experience by fusing electronic soundscapes with hip hop, R&B, and jazz influences. His music is an experience – a journey. The essence of that experience is Spirit Motel - a roofless, boundless home of personal energy, spirit and soul. His music tells stories about himself.

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